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Who am I anyway?

This I know. . .

I love my family
I love my friends
I must make
I must be challenged
I must eat chocolate
I have more ideas than I can handle
I like to stay up late
I LOVE to sleep in

What else is there?

OK – I guess there’s a bit more. I am at at-home mama of two: Elijah (10) and Charlotte (2). They come first. When they’re content, I’m busy trying to harness my frantic creative energy into something meaningful. I’ve picked up many skills along the way.

I taught myself to sew – my first project, at 8 years old, was a pair of terrycloth and cardboard flipflops. In 6th grade, after attending a week-long adventure camp, I crocheted a three-foot-long banana slug (what else was I going to do with my cone of yellow yarn from the thrift store?) Though I had a nonsensical start, I’ve always loved to create. I soon picked up quilting and doll-making, followed by knitting, ceramics, upholstery, stained-glass, silver-smithing, painting and children’s illustration.

In 1996, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design. A year later, I started Noggins™, a children’s hat company. This company metamorphosed into a women’s accessory line with the invention of Trash Ties™, my patented (boy was that fun) hair accessory. We lived in Hollywood at the time (I boast a personal collection of odd, somewhat meaningless celebrity encounters). I’ve been fortunate to have my creations sell worldwide in the best stores: Fred Segal, Henri Bendel’s, Bloomingdales and many fabulous boutiques. My accessories have been featured in InStyle, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen and other well-known publications. No employees, just Isaac and I -- all from home. It’s been a colorful ride.

I have learned a lot along the way, trying on these glass slippers. Regardless of the adventure, I keep coming back to my first love – sewing. And in my search for the perfect fit, I’ve finally found my shoe. It all came together in a classic “ah ha” moment – I should design fabric! And now, after surmounting a bulbous learning curve, I’m thrilled to announce that my first fabric collection for Free Spirit, Freshcut™, is on the market!

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