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Enjoy your Christmas. Time to take a deep breathe and relax a bit!


Mine got here today and are going to be a big hit with my 20ish year old daughters! Can't wait to see what they come up with for hair dos.

Thank you for a great product and for the extraordinary effort you put into get them out in time for Christmas.

Thank you, thank you! Now put up your feet and eat some chocolate! Merry Christmas!


I am totally in love with my Trash Ties, which arrived a couple of days ago. I'll be getting these for all of my girlfriends' birthdays this year!

Merry Christmas!

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Can't wait to purchase some - love this idea Heather!


Thanks for ALL the effort you put in to get our order to us!! They arrived today - just in time for stockings -YEAH!! I look forward to ordering more for birthdays!


My girls wore their new trash ties today, as did I. My nieces have already asked me to buy them some for their birthdays. The funniest thing was when my daughters were playing with their dolls and yelled look mom, they have trash ties too! They used pipe cleaners to do up their hair!!! I had to share that with you. Merry Christmas!


Heather, I can't believe how stong the Trash Ties are! I got mine yesterday and they hold up my thick hair like its nothing!! Thank you for such a cute strong hair tie!!


We love Trash Ties! Thanks so much for coming up with such an awesome invention! My daughter has long hair, but it is very fine and these are so strong they really hold whatever style we put in her hair! I just placed my 2nd order! We have had so many compliments and I have to laugh every time I hear my 4 year old tell people, there are Trash Ties in my hair! Amy & Bella =)


My mom is sending us a few from the States which should arrive sometime this week. I can't wait! My older daughter has long thick wavy hair and must keep it tied up at school. I think once the other girls see her hair up in Trash Ties, they'll all be clamouring for their own set. We also sent some to a hairstylist friend who fell instantly in love. Other friends are waiting to order until they've seen them in action. All in, I think your van is going to be full for a long time coming. Congratulations!


This is amazing! So neat to see a fellow business woman follow her dream - keep up the great work!
(found you through Tara at Bella Pink :)


Hello- I think I could REALLY excited about these trash ties. I just have one question-- Do they hold really thick, curly hair? My daughter was adopted from Ethiopia and she has a head of gorgeous curls. I do twists and braids in her hair, but the rubberbands are trecherous to pull out!!


Pamelia Tommolino

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