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Oh good! I was getting a little worried but all is well. I hope some elves come in the night to help you! Merry Christmas!

Wendy WVG

Bummer...I was so excited by seeing these and hoping if I ordered right away that I might get them for Christmas THAT I totally missed the 15% off. Oh well.. I really hope they just get here for Christmas. They look so cool. My niece is a stylist that just opened her own shop in her home and I bought a pack for her to try. Good luck and thanks


Good luck with the new product, Heather!


I am anxiously awaiting my Trash Ties!! Now that I come to think o fit, when I ordered, I did push the "apply now" button for the discount(on both orders) and nothing happened.
But, that's ok. You deserve to be paid full price for all of your hard work!! :)


Can't wait to get mine!! AH Elf, one of my favorite Christmas movies!!


I received my Trash ties today! I have been playing with them and can't wait for the how-to video to be up!


I'm anxiously awaiting my Trash Ties and the ones I got for a friend. I received my "Your Trash Ties Shipped" email 15 days after I ordered them. Looks like my gal pal will have to wait till after Christmas so I can ship them to her once I get them. Thanks! I'm sure they'll be well worth the wait.

Merry Christmas!

bonnie langstaff

I have to say I'm disappointed that having ordered on Dec 3, I only just now got an email that they shipped -- no chance to re-mail to a friend for Christmas.

Trash Ties

Mary & Bonnie -- Your packages shipped on Monday even though they weren't marked as shipped until Tuesday in our computer. Trash Ties are currently made to order, so we generally request a 2-4 week lead time. We compressed that lead time for the Holidays, getting hundreds of US packages out on Monday, the 17th, by working 16-hour days. According to US Priority mail, US packages should arrive at their destination within 3-5 days.

We apologize for any misunderstandings. Our shipping policies are clearly expressed. Let us know of any suggestions for a better place to list our shipping lead time than where it is currently posted on the welcome page of the shopping cart.



Mine just came in the mail today and within the first five minutes of playing around, I can safely say I will be ordering more, but I think I'll wait until after the Christmas craziness dies down.

Thanks for coming up with something so brilliant, yet so simple. I completely wish I had thought of it first!


heather bailey is my hero! this is genius! I can't wait to get some and have so much fun with my hair!

way to go, baby.


I just got mine in the mail today as well! As Heather said, I got the shipping notice email yesterday (Tuesday) after it shipped Monday, and it came sooner than I expected! So hopefully those of you who ordered on Dec. 3 like I did (or before Dec. 10) will be seeing them very soon, if not today.

One thing I love about the Trash Ties ~ Because I tend to get headaches when I wear any kind of head band (plastic or elastic), I love how I can wrap the 25" Trash Ties snugly around my head and feel no hint of tension.

I will be ordering more after Christmas. :)


My Trash Ties came!! Happiness. :) I have hidden away the ones for my daughter's Christmas stocking, but mine came right out of the box and into my hair. I could not resist playing with them. I have never really had hair long enough for putting up until now, and I love it! Such cuteness!
So here I am, almost 50, playing with my hair like a teenager. Who'd-a thunk it?


Hello Heather,

I ordered mine on December 4th and really hoped to get them for Christmas. I live in France and shipping can take a long time. Could you please tell me if they have been sent and if yes, the day they were sent?

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas !!


Got mine! I had to hide them for the stockings though even though I want to try them now!


Trash Ties

Hi everyone! Please email any questions about a specific order to info@TrashTies.com. Many of you are not posting your email addresses here for us to reply to and we cannot list info about your specific packages in the comments section. Thanks!

Let us also remind you that we did not guarantee delivery before Christmas on International orders. This has been clearly expressed. All non-US orders must be sent through Customs and consequently the shipping time is out of our hands.

Thank you for your patience. We are not a big company with a shipping department and customer service representatives. There are only two of us at present and we've managed a monumental task in getting this first wave of orders out the door before Christmas. We'll share some photos in our next post -- lots & lots of boxes!

We're working steadily on ongoing orders as well. We require a reasonable 2-4 week lead time before shipping to allow us time to create and package your Trash Ties, and handle all necessary paperwork and filing of information. You can find more information about shipping in the welcome page of the Trash Ties Store.

Thanks again! We'll be back with a post and more photos later today.


I wish I lived closer. I would help you make them.:)


I just received my Trash Ties !! Thanks a lot !!

jennifer Paganellli

Heather you are blessed with amazing friends..all will be well my love....Jennifer


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