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Thanks for posting details. I have to admit that I have both kinds of trash ties and have not had much luck figuring out how to get them to hold my hair up or stay put. The more detailed the instructions the better! Thanks!


Hmmmm....Jungle Twist? Leopard Locks? The Roaring cutie?

We just watched Singing in the Rain yesterday. So cute and funny!


How about calling it Charlotte?


My Trash Ties just arrived,I'm going to try out the cutie on my two year old twins.
Thanks also for such a smooth, trouble free international transaction(to Australia), i'll be back for more soon.


We've been going crazy with our hairstyles. We can't wait to post some pictures when you get the photogroups going.


I like Cutie!
Looking forward to some detailed instructions, I keep trying the buns w/ the long ties and can't get them to stay in w/ the ties alone. I've been using a regular hair tie to keep the ponytail in and then trying to wrap the hair around the tie like the instructions say but they are just slippery to me. My goal is the cute bun pigtails like in the instructions, I'll keep on trying. ;)

Trash Ties

For the Trash Ties bun, you'll need to wrap the Trash Tie around your hair, not your hair around the Trash Tie. They'll hold in tight if you wrap them tightly. It's no problem to use an elastic hair tie for the ponytail step until you get the hang of the other steps. That's a good idea.


I got a bunch of them for myself and my sisters for Christmas and we love them! My hair is short but I'm still able to do quite a bit with it. And I did my sister's hair like the Cutie and she looked fantastic! We are both planning on growing our hair out just to do more with our Trash Ties! Can't wait to see more ideas!


Yes, I think the cutie is a great name!


I've done this before with just using my daughter's hair, like a two-piece french braid. You could call it the garland headband, because it looks like one. Stick flowers in and voila! SO cute.


I think it should be called "April." I think Singin in the Rain - April showers - April.

OR something a little jazzier:

Bees Knees (Or Bees Knees Bob)
The Cat's Pajamas Coif
All that Jazz
(for some flapper references!)


I think it should be called the wrap around twist. I did this do on my girls for years and on clients without trash ties of course and this was the name I called it. Cant wait to try trash ties though.


I think this one looks like something straight out of the Sound of Music, so I'd call it Gretel or something like that... looks like I'm a year too late to chime in though!


Yes I think the cutie is a great name.!

Traci Lasala

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just stumbled on you trash ties today and WOW what a great idea!

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csoo kute , cutieee!!

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