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Am I the first to comment????!!

Yippy for Trash Ties!!! I'm SO thrilled for you and Isaac to finally have this baby out!!!

We adore our Trash Ties and are so glad we can now point all of our curious admiring friends to your website!

Tanya Whelan

Congratulations Heather! They look amazing and so does the packaging. Wishing you huge success with this venture in the new year.


I have never been this excited about a hair accessory before! I am especially thrilled that they're available in school-uniform blue so my daughter's long, pretty curls can be all Trashy for next term.

I want a set in every colour!

(I hope this means the info@website is working now... will try now.)


You are an inspiration! People who make things, who work for their dreams... I admire those kind of people above all. Congratulations to you and Isaac and your family. Blessings, success and joy!


Oh my gosh, I can't believe they're here already! These look so fun. I can't wait to get my hands on them.


you are amazing, Heather! Can't wait to try them out!

Amy P.

Congrats, Heather!! They look rad! I can't wait!


Super fun! I can't wait to try them out!


I'm sooo excited to try out trash curiosity is getting the better of me, though, I don't know the Never Been Kissed beginnings story...can you talk about that????

Tia Curtis

I just can't wait to try them. I bought a bunch, you have intrigued me from the beginning! Great job, Heather and the Bailey team! Wonderful Luck! Tia Curtis

SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg)

These are hecka hecka rad....I still live in California Lol! I'm 35 and have long hair....want some, my niece is 17 has long hair totally getting some for her for xmas, oh and my sister too. Her hair is not so long but she'd love 'em and I desperately needed some stocking stuffer ideas! Thanks and congrats on the putting the Trash out! (the puns could be endless) I'll have to blog about them when I get them. Oooh you're going to have to start another Flickr group! :)

Miss Sassy

Yippee! Can't wait to get mine.

Domestic Chicky

OMG, they're like totally awesome!

Great job Heather & Isaac - These will be huge!


Congratulations Heather! I have been waiting for these! I just went to see the new site and am overwhelmed by all the color options!! Wow, great job! I can't wait to order them! Yay for you! =)


Congratulations! Way to go! I can't wait to get mine! My daughter and I will have so much fun with them!

As usual, your (I know, it't Issac's!) photography is fabulous! Love all the pretty pictures!

Toni Hamel

Totally fabulous! Gotta get some. :D

andrea larsen

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!...and for me and my hair. :)

mary's cottage quilts

Heather! Wow, you are SO cutting edge!! Way to go! Great website, beautiful photos, cool blog etc.. best of luck


I see that I live 6.5 miles away from the Trash Store. What are the hours? What is it by? The Wal-Mart or Target side of the street? I can actually get this quicker than most people!!!! With 3 girls how can I not NEED these?


Brace yourself Heather!!! Or...should I say "trash tie yerself up"---this is going to launch you into Millionaire Mom status! These are amazing--I can't wait to buy some and feature them in my daughter's hair in an upcoming photo shoot :)So happy for you and Isaac-your hard work and creativity is amazing. Congratulations and God Bless, Eva


Can't wait to be a trashy girl! Placed an order and will follow the how to's on being coming soon with my long mop!


Wow, this product looks totally awesome. I may just start spending time on my hair again. Can't wait to try them!


Oh my! Oh my!!! Absolutely fantastic product. I love all the photos and need to get me some!!


WOW! Congratulations on all of your hard work. They look fun and the packaging is so pretty! You even have my dd's fave color ;) I see STOCKING STUFFER material here.

SO what is the story on the Drew Barrymore movie?


Heather! Im from Argentinaa...and I really want to buy trash ties!!!!!! Is it possible??
We need you here!!
I really admire you!!


Hooray! Well done! I am sure my lil lady will appreciate an easier way to put her hair up!!





Congratulations! It's so exciting that everything's finally official! I don't know if folks realize just how much work you've put into this and how long this debut has been in the making. I have a pack of hot pink Trash Ties that I bought at a little shop in Santa Monica in 1998 or 1999; elinor told me about them earlier that summer and I was SO excited to actually find some! And now everyone else can have them, too - can't wait to see everyone's Trash Tie coiffures!


Hi Heather. I am so excited for you. Your release has seriously brought tears to my eyes! You are such an inspiration!! You rock!! I can't wait to try these out!! I am so excited. I was about to chop my hair...I knew there was a reason I waited!!


i don't think i've ever commented on your blog, tho i read it often, and i've been waiting for the big trash ties reveal! i'm super excited about these, i have super thick hair and am always looking for elastic & bobby pin alternatives! amazing!! congrats!


Hey! I got my order in and can't wait to play with these! i bet my girls will love them too!

Thank you!

Dana Welsh

Heather Bailey! I am so proud of you - you don't know me from Adam but I am always so inspired by you, your blog, your studio, your flickr group - basically you are a creative genius. And my favourite thing about your creative genius is your amazing ability to follow through - this page is gorgeous and the concept is so brilliant - I have never thought about that... keep being such an inspiration!

Lots of admiration for you,



Hello Heather! Like everyone else on this planet, I've been anxiously waiting for the debut of Trash Ties!! It's finally here, yet I don't know where to get them, other than drive over to Gilbert. Would be an idea to have a button for Location of where to buy them! It's sure to be in my daughter's stocking this Christmas! Thank you for your inspiration and creativity! I really admire you and you are a beautiful person. And Isaac does wonders with his camera! Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year!

Walk In Beauty,


Congratulations! Super cool fun stuff...just picked some up!


So...we all want to know how you did your hair in that cute ponytail while you were waiting for your nephew. Seroiusly, I have to know how to do my hair like that!!! I'm going now to order some - I guess I'll have to get long and short ones - not knowing what you used...I'll be waiting to find out.
All very exciting for you - great job!


I'm so excited about these! It totally makes me wish I had long hair!!! I ordered a set of the short lepard print ones for my daughters! Thanks again!


I am thrilled for you, Heather! I've been reading your blog for a good long while now, and always wondered what exactly you were wearing in your hair in the "sneak peek" photos. So very fun, cool, and happy! I've just ordered a set of the chocolate brown.



Congratulations, Heather! I ordered one long and one short and I can't wait to use them. I have short hair and I am always looking for something fun to put in my hair, so this will be great.

Firefly Hill

Congrats Heather!

You and Isaac are one talented couple!


Wow! I rec'd my trash ties in the mail today. Put one in on the side just to try - didn't even look in the mirror. Forgot I had it in, took kids to school. Later met up with DH and 9 of his coworkers I've never met before. He called me a little while later and said 3 of them said I was "hot"! I swear the only thing different I did today was my hair! Best thing is they are so comfortable. I get bad headaches from headbands, hats, even a plain ol' ponytail. But I didn't even feel these, I LOVE THEM!!!! I'm a total low maintenace kind of girl too, I envision wearing these daily!! Now, if only I can get them to look as good as your Easter photo :)

Heather Bailey

Christy, what a fantastic story! Thanks for taking the time to share all the details. Yours is the first feedback we've heard since Trash Ties started shipping and we couldn't be more thrilled that you "get it!" Big breath in.


Love these, I need to order some for me and my daughter!


I love my ties, I have long, thin straight as a board do nothing hair. I would like curls or waves or something different most of the time. Everything falls out or slides off and i end up with a headache. But NO MORE thanks to you...
Many times thanks.


hi . . . i am from the Philippines . . . do you now receive order outside US? thanks!


Trash ties are the best!!!!!! Me an my friend are having so much fun with them!!!

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